A long soak in the tub is relaxing, therapeutic, and the perfect way to add self-care to your life. To have the perfect bath, a bathtub full of hot water just won’t cut it. The perfect bath is so much more than that, so read our essential top 10 must-have bath products and accessories.

Our Top 10 Must-have Bath Products and Accessories

1: Soap, particularly vegetable soap

Top of our list of must-have bath products is a good bar of soap. One of the main reasons for using vegetable soap is that it’s much better for your skin, especially if you suffer from dry skin. Vegetable soaps contain no nasty chemicals such as parabens, SLS, and SLES. English Soap Company soap bars are not only vegetable-based but also enriched with moisturising ingredients such as shea butter and vitamin E.

2: Candles, specifically soy candles

Candles set the ultimate relaxing environment. Once the bath has been drawn, turn the lights off and you’ll know exactly what I mean. Choose a candle fragrance that is warm and comforting, such as Indian Sandalwood, or rejuvenating and relaxing, like English Lavender.

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3: Bath Salts, especially Epsom Salts

Epsom bath salts contain magnesium that soaks into your skin replenishing magnesium levels, aiding recovery and promoting sleep.

4: Bathing pillow

Having a pillow you can rest your head on whilst in the bath can be the difference between a great bath, and an extraordinary bath, which is why it makes our must-have bath products list.

5: The “perfect bath” music playlist

One of the most effective ways to help you relax whilst you’re having a soak is to play spa-like music. Or opt for some whale song, whatever floats your boat. Be sure to check no electrical devices could fall into the tub.

6: Drink and a snack

Nothing says “winding down” more than relaxing in the bathtub with a nice cold beer or a glass of your favourite wine. And if having a nibble in the bath is your idea of heaven, then you can’t go wrong with something light, such as refreshing fruit.

7: A good book

If you can’t just lie back and relax, take a book to read. This will help you keep your mind in one place, relaxing you even further. Your choice of book will depend on your mood.

8: Flannel or a body brush

Don’t forget while relaxing in the bath it’s also good to wash! When washing in the bath, using a soft flannel, is much more relaxing than just using your hands, and is less harsh on your skin than some rough alternatives. Gentle body brushing in the bath can improve skin texture and circulation.

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9: Beauty treatments

Spend a little me-time with a face or hand mask, or cooling eye mask (cucumber slices are still allowed). Allow yourself time for pampering as you soak, whatever makes you feel good.

10: Do not disturb sign

A do not disturb sign is an effective way of keeping people out of the bathroom whilst you’re in it. Never lock the door of your bathroom when you’re in the bath, just in case you slip or need help.

Those are our top 10 must-have bath products and accessories to have if you’re serious about having the most relaxing bath of all time. For more information on how to run the perfect bath, check out our blog post The Ultimate Guide to Having a Perfect Bath.

At the English Soap Company, we have expertly created beautiful soaps, body washes, and candles to enhance your bathing experience. See below for our hand-picked selection of must-have bath products, made in the heart of the English countryside: