Read The English Soap Company Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: perfect presents for a sustainably-conscious lover with a passion for fragrance.

We may not be able to go out for wild and extravagant romantic excursions this year, 2021 remains as locked down as 2020, and we must declare our love on a less ambitious and theatrical stage. But then, there is great beauty to be found in small acts of love; picking up your lover’s plate as you take yours, smoothing down an errant wisp of hair, glancing sideways with a knowing glint at each other in complicit mirth at a shared private joke that needs no explanation. Intimacy is the cornerstone of love, and giving from The English Soap Company’s range of beautiful soaps will mean that, even if you’re not together, you can still share those quiet moments.

Of the past year has taught us nothing else, let it be that we take small moments for ourselves, gratitude for small pleasures. So if you’re flying solo this Valentine’s Day, why not use the occasion as an excuse to indulge in a little self care. Treat your skin to the nourishment and pampering it deserves, lose yourself in a luxuriant bath. The following gift guide is for lovers, and that means self-love too.

If you are looking for a Valentine’s Day gift, The English Soap Company have the ideal range of products for a sustainably-conscious lover with a passion for fragrance. All of the English Soap Company’s products are crafted here, our farm site in the heart of the Sussex countryside. 

Our soaps bars are of the highest quality, they are long lasting and produce a rich and luxurious lather with an exquisite perfume that lasts until the end of the bar.

All of the soap bars are enriched with shea butter, a natural product with high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins. This makes The English Soap Company’s inclusion of shea butter in soaps ideal as it actively softens skin. Shea butter also has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. 

For the Young-at-Heart Lover

For the young and fabulous, and ever-fashionable sweethearts, the English Soap Company has a range of Valentine’s Day gifts guaranteed to enchant and surprise. The Wonderful Animals soap bar collection is a Noah’s Ark of quirky and adorable characters. From enchanting unicorns to endearing sloths, who wouldn’t want to hang out with these characters at bath time?

Each product in the range has stunning and original artwork, as wonderful as the soap itself, infused with our signature Enchanted Earth fragrance. Opt for your animal of choice with accompanying banner message. Tell them they’re out of this world with some space-faring dinosaurs. A little early in the relationship for the ‘L’ word? We’ve got you covered with our sleepy sloth soap bar.

Explore the Wonderful Animal soap bar range here. £4.95 each, plus shipping.

For the One You Love

Make your intentions clear with the ‘For The One I Love’ Occasions Soap, emblazoned with a declaration of love on the sustainable paper wrapping.

Entwined roses shaped into hearts create a traditional and seductive package, and when opened, the soap reveals wonderful scents of peonies, violets and freesias, completed with a base of guaiawood and raspberry. A heady bouquet, for a loved one to luxuriate in.

View the For The One I Love soap bars here. £4.95 each, plus shipping.

For the Fragrance Lover

For Valentine’s Day lovers who also love the exotic horticultural magnificence of Kew Gardens, The English Soap Company has a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift set. This Kew Gardens Hand Care set features a longlasting shea butter soap bar, a decadent hand cream, plus a luxury hand sanitiser that could easily pass as perfume.

The Kew Hand Care Set contains a myriad of customisable possibilities from the 17 incredible fragrances. Whether you create a matching set or tailor the perfect package with diverging perfumes; the choice is entirely yours.

(Although if you’re feeling completely clueless, may we recommend the Osmanthus Rose fragrance, a subtle and warm flower perfume filled with rich rose and floral aromas. A base of red cedar, amber and patchouli balances the floral with a sensual musk. If however, a brighter floral would be more suitable, opt for the Summer Rose.)

Each fragrance is represented by unique and quintessentially elegant artwork, almost too lovely to unwrap; the sets exude elegance and charm. 

Explore the Kew Gardens Hand Care Set here. £20.00 plus shipping.

For the Candle Lover

Another grown-up and elegant Valentine’s Day gift is the incredibly long-lasting Enchanted Blooms Candle. Whilst the soft yellow glow illuminates your intimate Valentine Day setting, this candle releases fine and floral notes of jasmine and honeysuckle, with additional hints of violets, bergamot and lilies. The soy wax burns clean and evenly throughout to create a ambiance filled with soft light and lasting aromas.

Other romantic and seductive fragrances in our candle collection include Briar Rose, English Lavender, Oriental Spice & Cherry Blossom, Summer Rose and White Jasmine & Sandalwood.

View the entire soy wax candle collection here. £9.95 each, plus shipping

For the Self-Care Lover

Want to comfort and replenish your true love this Valentine’s Day? Evoke gentle cottage garden breezes and light spring mornings with a dizzying selection from The English Soap Company’s Bath and Body Set. This Valentine’s Day may be like no other, whilst we all shelter indoors, but that simply gives us more time to slip into the decadence and indulgence of looking after our bodies. Nourish your dear one’s skin, and soothe their soul, with this collection; all beautifully wrapped in sumptuous artwork depicting the glorious fragrances lying within. 

For the Heart Lover

Nothing quite says Valentine’s Day like the enduring motif of a heart. A pretty token to add to your Valentine’s Day gift, are our perfectly proportioned Luxury Guest Soaps.

Beautifully packaged with three heart-shaped soaps within, this Valentine’s Day gift proudly nods to our enduring history of showing love through tokens. A charming gesture to express your devotion. With eight delicious possible fragrances to choose from, you can be sure your gift is personal and unique. 

Explore the Luxury Guest Soaps here. £2.95 each plus shipping.

Valentine’s Gifts for Him

Valentine’s gifts for him can be a challenge, especially with so many restrictions on our daily lives. So, this Valentine’s Day, encourage him to take a step back and relax. Give him the gift of indulgence, and spoil him with a chance to really stop and savour the moment. 

Choose The English Soap Company’s Anniversary Indian Sandalwood Soap as your Valentine’s Day gift for him and let him bask in warm, deep musky fragrance of Indian sandalwood, blended with just a note of cedar, to create a beautifully balanced and masculine scent. The strong colour choices on the package, and the lush lather of this triple distilled soap, entrance the senses, and will place him in a world where thoughts of adventure mingle with wisps of the exotic. This is a scent to take your loved one on an olfactory journey to faraway shores, to revel in anticipatory voyages.

Shop the Anniversary Indian Sandalwood soap bar here. £4.95 plus shipping.

For a man with a spring in his step, a twinkle in his eye, and fire in his belly, the Kew Gardens Bergamot and Ginger Soap is the ideal Valentine’s Day gift for him. With spice and citrus, and a touch of bergamot, the scent of this soap is invigorating and exciting. The triple-milled formula makes the soap firm and yet, it yield a foamy lather infused with shea to keep his skin protected against the elements. 

Shop the Kew Gardens Bergamot and Ginger Soap here. £6.00 plus shipping.

If wondering what to buy for your thoughtful gentleman, a Valentine’s Day gift to really show that you deeply appreciate his dignity and fortitude, the scents combined in The English Soap Company’s Kew Gardens Fig and Grape Soap, are a complex series of scents creating a harmonious symphony, reminiscent of all the top notes a refined and elegant man is comprised of.

Shop the Kew Gardens Fig and Grape Soap here. £6.00 plus shipping.

For the man completely at ease with his masculinity, why not combine with the fragrance matched hand cream or hand sanitiser?  Browse the entire Kew Gardens Collection here.

Would you like a little more inspiration to find the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift? Just click here.