Whether Mum, Auntie, Granny or Guardian, Celebrate Them with a Mother’s Day Gift from The English Soap Company

For many of us, March 14th 2021 is now the second Mother’s Day to take place during a lockdown, which means no special Sunday to share with the important women in our lives. So, whether the maternal influence in your life is your Mum, Auntie, Granny or guardian, choose for them a Mother’s Day gift that shows your appreciation for what they do, even if it has been from afar this year.

We can find new ways in sending our love, whether it’s posting a pamper parcel, a surprise doorstep bunch of flowers or having a hearty roast lunch over a Zoom meeting… Read our Mother’s Day Gift Guide blog for suggestions of the perfect pick-me-up to say it won’t be long until we can meet up again.

Mother’s Day Messaging with the Occasions Collection

Here at The English Soap Company, we love and adore our mother’s too and our artisans have thoroughly enjoyed creating an exclusive fragranced soap, especially for Mother’s Day, called Happy Mother’s Day Soap. Available in two exquisite perfumes, Honey or Blueberry. The charming paper wrapping of each luxury soap is embellished with an utterly beautiful and unique pattern, inspired by the elegance of William Morris and the Arts and Crafts era. We have gone to great lengths to ensure your Mother’s Day gift is of the highest quality. The soap is triple milled, a process that leaves you with a soap with an especially firm texture that gives of a rich cream lather use after use. 

Shop the Occasions Mother’s Day soaps here £4.95 each.

Mothers day Occasions Soap

Treat them with the Ultimate in Finely Fragranced Hand Care

We have a wonderful range from which to draw inspiration for your Mother’s Day gift ideas.  A new collection of matching sets and pamper kits were launched by The English Soap Company late last year allowing you to completely customise and create the perfect gift bundle for your nearest and dearest.

The most popular of all is the Kew Gardens Hand Care set. Composed for Mothers who are enchanted by the timeless beauty of Kew Gardens, or are green-fingered themselves and fascinated by florals, this set contains a myriad of customisable possibilities from the 17 incredible fragrances. Each fragrance is represented by unique and quintessentially elegant artwork, almost too lovely to unwrap, the sets exude elegance and charm. Choose a large shea butter soap bar, sumptuous hand cream and luxury hand sanitiser to complete the set. More than one mumma to buy for? Consider the Kew Gardens Ultimate Hand Care Set, with two soap bars, two hand creams and two luxury hand sanitisers for a significant saving, with free UK delivery.

Shop the Kew Gardens Hand Care Set here. £20

Shop the Kew Gardens Ultimate Hand Care Set here. £40

Let Mum Unwind with an English Soap Company Candle

Our mum’s work hard, and they deserve the chance to unwind and recharge. Encourage your mum, with your choice of an English Soap Company candle to sink into the soothing aroma of a fragrance gently permeating her relaxation space, be it bath, reading room, or conservatory. What better way to send the message to your mother, loud and clear, that she deserves time out and she deserves luxury. She is simply the best, and so nothing but the best could do. 

Our candles are made of pure soy wax, why, you may ask is this important? The answer is simple, in our drive to provide the most ethical luxury products, we know that as well as being vegan, soy wax has a lower melt-point than paraffin and so burns for longer, and releases more of the perfume into the air rather than have it all consumed by the flame. Soy wax is also a much cleaner burn, so that spot above the candle on your mum’s ceiling won’t be sooty, and it is water soluble meaning any drips or spills can be cleaned up with a bit of soap and water. We really have thought of everything to make your Mother’s Day gift choice perfect.

There are a myriad of scents to choose your mother’s day gifts from in the English Soap Company’s selection of luxury scented candles. For the mother that enjoys a clean fresh, traditional scent, our Lilly of the Valley candle offers floral top notes of sweet jasmine on a bed of honeysuckle and magnolia. The middle notes are rich with Lilly of the valley and rose, creating a light and dewy scent. 

Or, for a mum who likes a scent that is crisp and uplifting, the Pink Grapefruit Candle hosts a delightful combination of citrus scents on a base of floral notes. This candle will release a revitalising aroma within which your mum can bask in a balance of the citrus and the floral. All of this, of course encased in the most beautiful packaging that simply and elegantly denotes the quality and luxury of the treat held inside. 

If, like ours, your mother is a superwoman and in her is everywoman, and you want to reflect all of her sparkling dimensions in your Mother’s Day Gift, the English Soap Company has you covered. You can create the perfect combination of five of these gorgeously packaged and delightfully scented candles from the twenty one fragrances available, and spoil your mum generously as she has always spoilt you. 

Explore our Soy Wax Candle collection here, £9.95 each

Shop the Five Candle Set here. £45

5 Candle Set

Head to Toe Pampering with The English Soap Company

There is nothing quite so wholesomely rejuvenating as a really lavish soak in the tub, with all the little extravagances at hand to tend to yourself. Self-care is the cornerstone of personal happiness, and this year, you can encourage mum to really take the time to be kind to the woman who you love so deeply. Create the ultimate pamper kit for your Mother’s Day gift with our Bath and Body Pamper Set. Mum can lather up with a 190g soap bar, a box of three hand soaps, and a sumptuous shower gel. She can moisturise with our luxurious hand cream, and spritz with a highly perfumed eau de toilette. Handpick the scents that really reflect her individual style from a selection of English garden-inspired fragrances from our Vintage Soap collection or our Bath and Body collection.

Bath and Body Collection

Fun & Frolics with Wonderful Animals

Is your mum more fun and frolics than most? Is she a sucker for a sloth? Or mad about magic? A beautiful way to find a grown-up indulgence for your marvellous mother, with a playful edge is to choose your Mother’s Day gifts from The Wonderful Animals selection by The English Soap Company. All the products from the Wonderful Animals collection are crafted with the same loving care and attention to detail as you have come to expect from our team. The mystical Unicorn Mama reading her little one a bedtime story or the fuzzy little bee of positivity are just a few characters guaranteed to make mum smile. 

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