Creating idyllic cosy nights in

With the Autumnal season in full swing and as the nights draw in, it’s vital for our well-being to remember to re-centre and take the time to unwind, regardless of how busy our lives are.  

Autumn is the perfect time of the year to consider taking time out of your daily routine to encourage cosy habits into your self-care routine. So, we’ve put together our favourite methods to create idyllic cosy nights in.

Light a candle

The gentle, hypnotising flame of a candle makes a perfect addition to any relaxation routine and distracts you from the cold outside. The soft illumination of the candle promotes calm, helping you achieve a blissful state of tranquillity and helps to transform your mood regardless of the stresses of your day (or week!). 

Absorb its calming properties and ignite a scented candle that fills the room with your favourite scent. Instil a peaceful aesthetic to promote warmth and calm to your cosy nights in. Lie back with your favourite novel or listen to that audiobook you have been meaning to start for some time.

With its warm and comforting base of English lavender, vanilla and a touch of mint, our English Lavender Candle is just the ticket for kickstarting a soft and calming environment. 

The English Soap Company scented soy wax candles are available in a range of seven fragrances and four festive fragrances. To explore all Soy Wax Candles please click here.

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cosy nights in bath

Run a bath

Warm yourself up from that chilly walk or a long commute from work with a deep and luxurious bath. Transform your regular soak into a restful ritual to help you to destress and unwind from the day. Indulge yourself with a cleansing and luxurious soap bar, get comfy and enjoy listening to a relaxing playlist or your favourite podcast. Or if it’s your thing, a glass of wine!

Choose from a variety of warmer fragrances, such as; Honey and Camomile soap bar from The English Soap Company Anniversary Collection or the Cinnamon and Orange soap bar from the Vintage Collection. Wrapped in beautiful, fresh and contemporary designed papers, these luxury soap bars will leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and smelling fresh. These perfumed soaps are enriched with shea butter to create a nourishing and moisturising lather.

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Cosy nights in are a great opportunity to moisturise your hands after they have been exposed to the colder elements. The most important time of the day to moisturise is after a bath or shower to help replace the moisture and oils that leave your skin. 

After the bath, treat your hands by nourishing them with hand cream whilst you wrap yourself up in your favourite fluffy dressing gown. Massaging your hands with a fast-absorbing hand cream to help stimulate blood circulation and hydrate your hands all day. 

Our scented luxury hand creams from the Kew Gardens Hand Cream Collection are enriched with shea butter and aloe vera. Inspired by the fragrances and beauty of the plants at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in London. There are 17 fragrances to choose from in fruity, fine and floral perfumes. Explore all fragrances: Kew Gardens Hand Cream.

Cosy Nights In Moisturise