What acts of kindness have you done today? Here, at the English Soap Company, we are celebrating National Random Acts of Kindness Day. We are firm believers that when you get, give – the act of paying on a kind deed can have such a positive and powerful effect that can set a pay-it-forward chain in motion. 

Kindness comes in all forms, whether it be receiving a physical item or sharing a smile to someone who passes you by – these acts of kindness can create an uplifting experience and they too might extend your friendly gesture by smiling at the next passerby. This wonderful motion of kindness, started by your goodwill will have radiated out into the world causing a ripple of effect, inspiring generosity, and compassion. 

Acts of Kindness:

If you are reading this and are wondering how you can start the chain of goodwill, then here is a list of kind deeds to start the domino effect:

♡ Spread some good news or uplifting stories.

♡ Call or visit a friend, relative or neighbour who might need some company.

♡ Buy from a small, local business or follow them on social media (any type of support helps).

♡ Send a spontaneous handwritten letter or card to someone you know.

♡ Pay for the person behind you in the queue.

♡ Bake for your colleagues or friends.

Random acts of kindness

From us, to you, to them: 

Here are some beautiful gifts to share with friends, relatives, or colleagues – Let someone you know that you’re thinking of them. 

The wave of human kindness can change the world for the better and with this message at hand we would like to thank all of you for taking the time to read this blog and we would like to say the biggest and warmest thank you for all your support and for following our colossal journey here at The English Soap Company. Thank you! ♡