Plastic-free soap

Straightforward, humble, obvious. But like many products that can be made sustainably and free from single-use packaging, soap products are often encased in layers of unnecessary plastics with low-eco credentials. This reliance on disposable plastic means the world is now facing a packaging crisis.  July 2021 marked the 10-year anniversary of Plastic Free July – a global and vital initiative with a vision of seeing the world free of plastic waste. We share this vision.

Ever since The English Soap Company was created, over 20 years ago, our philosophy has been to drive towards sustainability, constantly improving our products, packaging and working methods to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Why is our plastic-free soap so great?

Our bar soaps are at the heart of our offering, so it’s only right that they’re consciously produced.

  • The soaps come in either paper wraps or cardboard, both of which are fully recyclable or compostable at home.
  • Our paper is FSC certified, so we can be sure we’re not having a negative impact on the world’s forests.
  • Our soap is exceptionally long lasting, thanks to the quality of our manufacturing and the addition of vegetable glycerine, which both strengthens the bar and makes it more moisturising. This means you have the opportunity to simply buy less, reduce waste and enjoy a richer, more luxurious lather.
Plastic-free soap

How else do we reduce our carbon footprint?

Everyone involved with The English Soap Company, including suppliers and distributors, are working together to find innovative solutions to make our business as sustainable as possible. Here are just a few.

  • We still make our soaps in England with as many locally sourced ingredients as possible.
  • We’re finding ways to reduce packaging size and weight, to positively impact shipping resources.
  • Our teams bring in their waste card and paper from home, and we use this for filler when packing the orders. Genius!

Read more about our sustainability policy.

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