Cut down on your plastic use this summer with these sustainable travel tips…

Holidays are back!

We are all looking forward to finally booking that getaway break after the pandemic, which some love (and some hate!) all the planning and packing that goes with it. We wanted to create something for our customers that could be easily popped in a suitcase, travel satchel or washbag. Something small but mighty, oozing with luxury fragrance, as we set out to fulfil the demand for plastic-free travel toiletries, supporting more sustainable travel.

Launching our new, eco-friendly travel toiletries, we eradicate the need for small plastic bottles, making this new multi-use hand and body soap a this year’s holiday bag must-have. Read our helpful blog below for an insight into sustainable travel tips, offering alternatives to the plastic toiletries and accessories usually bought for going away on holiday, whether that be visiting a friend or going abroad.

Sustainable Travel Tips

As a consumer, it is hard to know the most sustainable products to buy. One way you can help reduce waste and make more ethical choices, is to purchase products that last longer and are eco-friendly.

Although, we cannot reduce our carbon footprint when we board a plane, we can however make a difference by making some simple swaps to our suitcase essentials by choosing plastic-free, lasting and cruelty-free products.

Plastic-Free: A New Product Design, Shape & Style

The growing market for plastic-free travel toiletries, led us to this brand new soap collection. The small 100g, oval mini soap fits perfectly in your hand, making the feel of this soap shape our most comfortable yet. Suitable for small hands, little basins, wash bags and travel tins.

Decorated with Instagram snap worthy illustrations, these fully recyclable boxes have been designed by our talented creative team at Head Office, Silveroaks Farm. These fun and vibrant designs are for those travel junkies, excited for new adventures and make great gifts for life-loving individuals.

While comparing our new product to a travel-size plastic shower gel bottle, that seems to only last a couple of uses, our hard bar soap is durable, lasting months before seeing the size start to decrease, making it worth every penny as you’ll get far more use out it and with no plastic involved.

Another, fantastic benefit of travelling with a hard bar soap is less restrictions on your hand luggage when flying. Not having to dig out every liquid item from your bag, that has been neatly packed, and pop anything liquid in that little transparent plastic bag, means more of a relaxing airport experience and less waste on those plastic bags, influencing sustainable travel habits.

To browse our new Travel Collection please see here.

Our Travel Soaps are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and free from harmful parabens, SLS and SLES’s.

All our soap bars are made using traditional soap refining methods, meaning our soaps contain less water and dry much faster. Soap that dries quicker, lasts longer and retains that lovely fragrance. It also prevents the soap from going all soggy and mushy in your travel tin or soap dish!

Small but Mighty!

Take luxury with you, whether it’s a stay-cation, finally booking that flight or staying at a friend’s, these mini shea butter soap bars fit perfectly in any suitcase or travel bag. The small, oval mini soap fits perfectly in your hand, making the feel of this soap bar our most comfortable yet.

This small but mighty soap is conveniently sized, perfect for taking away on holiday. Wrapped in a vibrantly illustrated fully recyclable card box.

These card boxes are not just beautiful but are fully recyclable and printed locally in the UK. As a company, we are always looking at ways to make our products and processes more sustainable and to reduce our company carbon footprint. Sourcing ingredients and packaging as local as we can, is just one of the ways we try reduce our carbon footprint.

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The Travel Soap Collection

This Travel Mini Soap Collection has 4 wonderful fragrances, enriched with shea butter to create a nourishing and moisturising lather, leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft while you’re on the go.

Wherever you are travelling, these scented soaps fill your suitcase, washbag, car or hotel room with long lasting fragrance and that lingers on the skin long after rinsing.

Something For Everyone – New Fresh Travel Fragrances

Citrus Burst: An enlivening fragrance bursting with zesty lemon and sweet orange. We believe it’s the perfect way to start a busy day of exploring – no matter where you are going in the world.

Shop Travel Citrus Burst Mini Soap here.

Rhubarb and Coconut: Green coconut adds a creamy richness to the tart and zingy fragrance of rhubarb, creating a refreshingly sweet scent. A delightful blend of home comforts and exciting tropical adventures.

Shop Travel Rhubarb and Coconut Mini Soap here.

Sandalwood and Amber: This soap has warming notes of rich and creamy sandalwood. Alongside the woody scent, you’ll be treated to the velvety spice of vanilla and musky character of powdery dry amber.

Shop Travel Sandalwood and Amber Mini Soap here.

Flowering Jasmine: Enjoy the elegant scent of Jasmine flowers. A floral fragrance, with hints of orange flower and kiwi – a calming fragrance for relaxing the body and lifting your spirits after a day of travelling.

Shop Travel Flowering Jasmine Mini Soap here.

Other Sustainable Products To Pack

For cutting down further on your plastic purchases this summer please read this guide on sustainable travel tips and other products to swap in your suitcase essentials.

First things first! Your suitcase… If your suitcase is looking a little weathered or the plastic has cracked, then this is your chance to give your case a sustainable upgrade. Avoid hard suitcases coated head to toe in plastic and look for companies using recycled materials, there are plenty of shapes and sizes using little to no plastic at all.

Talking of recycled materials – Dock & Bay have designed sustainable towels made from post-consumer plastic (instead of virgin plastic), saving plastic ending up in landfill. Instead the plastic is collected, cleaned and then turned into two different types of yarn, polyester and polyamide nylon. The yarns are then woven together to create their unique, quick drying material, making this product an essential for your suitcase! Pretty cool, eh? Shop Dock & Bay here.

Switching out buying bottled water for a reusable metal bottle is one of the most effective changes you can make while at home or aboard. Folding up a couple of tote bags and having them in your suitcase is always handy for popping out to the shops to buy some fruits and villa necessities, avoiding the need to use the shops plastic ones. Pack metal straws to take with you, these are great for kids and for the cocktails and juices by the pool, again avoiding using single-use plastic that gets discarded after each use.

Have you tried swapping make-up wipes to re-usable pads, washing them clean with a soap bar after each use? There are lots of little tips and tricks to becoming more sustainable and eco-friendly while traveling and why not start with the above!

More From Us and Our Soaps (Shea Butter)

The English Soap Company travel soap bars are all made in England with pure vegetable oils using traditional soap making methods we have used for the past 20 years.

As a result, English Soap Company soap bars are exceptionally high quality and last far longer than standard soaps. They produce a richer lather and have a silkier, more luxurious effect on the skin.

Vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and enriched with shea butter, all our wonderful soap bars are a touch of luxury for everyday use.

How Does Soap Work?

The purpose of washing is to remove the outer layer of oils and fats that harbour germs and rinse them away from the skin.

Soap is a surfactant which means that when used on the hands and body, the soap molecules bind water and oil molecules together. After cleansing with soap, rinsing away, the lather takes the oil and germs with it.

Read more about how soap works here.

More Travel Tips & Inspiration

For more sustainable travel tips please see our Pinterest board here.