The ultimate cosy night in: Changing of the seasons

As the clocks go back and lighter evenings draw to a close the need for cosiness encroaches. Our homes become a sanctuary from the elements outside, the throws come out, knitwear is on and your favourite candle makes an appearance. What’s better than the soft, warm glow of candlelight and a good old fashioned cuppa tea to make you warm and cosy. Here’s our top tips for making the most of the ‘Ber’ months inside.

Pick your fragrance

The scent of Autumn, we all have one right? Whether it is the smell of autumnal fruits, a walk in the woods or warming spices. Scents of the changing season bring with them a sense of magic and cosiness. Our Indian sandalwood soap bar is one of the varieties of woody aromas we have amongst our collections. With top notes of sandalwood, a heart of pine and cedar and a base of amber, tobacco and musk. This fragrance will no doubt evoke the feeling of being sat next to a log stacked fireplace.

To help get you started on the ultimate cosy night in, please see our array of autumnal fragrances that have been carefully selected by our fragrance experts. Please see see autumn fragrances here.

Take a warm shower

So you’ve picked your fragrance and you want to warm up in a shower of foamy goodness. This beautiful scent is also available in a body wash, making the perfect bridge between a luxurious lather experience and popping on your most comfiest of clothes. Our body wash is enriched with aloe vera and vitamin e, to wash away the dirt of the day whilst still being kind to your skin. The bottles are made from recycled plastic and are recyclable, an eco-conscious option with a luxury feel.


You’ve showered, you’re refreshed and the full sensation of tranquillity is imminent. Take your comfort journey one step further and indulge with a body oil or cream, protecting your skin and sealing in all that loveliness.

Did you know our hand cream can be used for your body as well? Shield your skin from the dry winter months and apply regularly to keep your skin soft and smooth all winter long.

You are now three steps closer to experiencing the ultimate cosy night in…

For more tips on skin protection during the colder months please read the Healthline article here.

Stay moisturised using our hand cream enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E.

The Scene is set

You’re all set. The tea has been poured, you’re warm and relaxed and you’ve got your candle at the ready. We’ve picked one of our new signature scents White Jasmine & Sandalwood to continue the theme. This fragrance has leading notes of peach, mango and sweet orange. Developing into a heart of red berries, coconut and muguet on a base of violet, musks and rich sandalwood. Our candles also use natural soy wax and are vegan friendly, another win.

For our White Sandalwood & Sandalwood Candle please see here.

All that’s left is to pick your favourite autumn movie (Hocus Pocus of course) and you’ve set the scene for an unwinding evening, admiring the ever changing colour of leaves dancing past your window. Bliss.

Snuggle up!

Take your cosy night in that one step further with the ultimate hot chocolate. These 7 ingredients will elevate your night giving your tummy a hug! And don’t forget to add the squirty cream on top at the end!

For the ultimate cosy night in please see the full recipe here.


♥ Sweet chocolate

♥ Unsweetened cocoa powder

♥ Maple syrup

♥ Milk or Coconut milk

♥ Ground espresso

♥ Vanilla extract

♥ Pinch of salt

New Wintertide Candles

Available in 4 fragrances, these new candle boxes are fully recyclable and are festooned in winter-inspired landscapes, mirroring the beautiful fragrance within. Our new candles make a wonderful gift, while sitting pretty on a shelf or bookcase at home.

To explore all scented candles in the Wintertide Candle Collection, please click here.

We hope you all make the time for some self love during these colder months and enjoy our new fragrances transporting you to a happy place.

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