Ideas For Stocking Fillers: Share the gift of joy

In need of some gift ideas for stocking fillers….? Then look no further! Whether it’s giving or receiving, joy can come in many forms and sharing a smile with a loved one during the most magical time of the year was exactly what we had in mind with this new collection. This Christmas, The English Soap Company launched their most heartfelt soaps to date. Seven 100g mini soaps inspired by festive characters, each with a joyful message of sentimental yuletide glee.


The Christmas lights are on and the room is glowing with the gentle flickering of firelight. You’re building a gingerbread house (whilst trying not to eat it as you go) and there’s a choir singing the most wonderful nostalgic songs on the TV with mum pretending like she knows all the words, but is casually making them up as she goes along. Christmas is special, it reconnects us with precious moments and wraps us up in memories past.

You cannot deny the young child inside you, enjoying the thought of Mr Owl with his Christmas pudding or a polar bear boasting his favourite festive sweater. These soaps are a little moment in time that capture the fun of gift giving.

Gift Giving

We are thrilled to share with you these adorable ideas for stocking fillers. Rid yourself of the overwhelming pressures of extravagant gift giving and tap into the idea that ‘it’s the little things’ that can often mean the most. With ‘little’ being the operative word, these soaps are a simple luxury with a reasonable price tag. So, why not treat yourself to a little festive pamper or pop one in a stocking for someone special. Maybe even stock up on them, for an unexpected guest? A last minute gesture? You’ve got it covered.   

The Characters

Each oval soap bar is nestled inside a fully recyclable box, with lashings of sparkles and hand drawn illustrations of beloved Christmas Characters (made with love, not just the soap itself but the packaging too!) With individual sentiment, every box is adorned with heartfelt messages to remind you of special moments. With Santa Claus, Badger, Owl, Reindeer, Polar bear, Snowman and Penguin to choose from, it will be tough to pick a favourite!

How sweet are these gift ideas for stocking fillers?

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The fragrance

The soaps found inside each box are fragranced with a rich, woody Frankincense & Myrrh scent. An enchanting, festive fragrance with notes of sandalwood, cedarwood and cinnamon, leading into a base of frankincense and dry amber. Did you know that Frankincense and myrrh is our most popular fragrance? And it’s not surprising, as Frankincense is known for it’s calming properties and can be used all year round. So if you’re not a fan of the more traditional mulled wine type fragrances often associated with Christmas, this is the scent for you.

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Quality Over Quantity

Sustainability continues to be a hot topic with shoppers choosing to invest in eco-brands, opting for quality products over quantity.

Less can be more, especially when hand-picking items that use premium materials or ingredients that last a long time.

With this in mind, soap bars are thoughtful, long-lasting gifts. Not only are they practical, all of our soaps provide that extra bit of luxury. Our Christmas Character Soap Mini Soaps can last up to 2-3 months with the beautiful, uplifting fragrance lasting throughout.

Christmas Decorations

Not only do they make perfect gift ideas for stocking fillers but can also be used as Christmas decorations too.

Surprise your loved ones with a game this Christmas. Embellish your Christmas tree with our festive character boxes, and see whether family and friends can spot their yuletide gift hiding amongst your favourite Christmas decorations.

The recyclable card box makes a great alternative to plastic Christmas decorations, keeping your tree eco-friendly this year.

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