Find out our candle care secrets…

Candle with care! The changing seasons are filled with wonderful and tantalising fragrances, each one imbued with the power to transport us back to a special memory or place. Whether it’s a warm summers day or cosy colder night, our ‘new look’ candles can be kept performing their best with this handy step by step candle care guide which should help answer all your burning questions (get it).

Adorned with painted illustrations, inspired by the world outside, these soy wax candles will not only burn beautifully but sit pretty in your home, bringing the outdoors to you.

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Step One: Keep it trim

An essential part of candle care is keeping your wick trimmed before each burn. We recommend trimming your wick down by 1/4”. This top tip will ensure a plethora of benefits like an even burn, prevention of the flame getting too hot and melting your lovely candle faster and helps prevent flickering which means less char to burn from the wick, preventing that nasty black soot on the inside of the glass.  

A wick trimmer is a great candle care tool. The extended handle allows a deeper reach into the candle jar, especially when the wick gets too low for scissors. Alternatively, a smaller pair of scissors will do the job just fine. 

Did you know…. that our candle wicks are made from 100% cotton?  We choose cotton wicks as they are natural and non-toxic, providing a safe and clean burn throughout.

Step Two: Watch it burn

Well not literally, unless you find it as calming as we do, but enough to ensure that the first burn goes right the way to the edge of the glass. Soy wax candles do in fact have memory! Not the kind where they will remember the entire bar of chocolate you ate alongside it (no judgement here) but more so that the first memory burn to the edge. This will prevent that annoying central tunnelling that can happen and can make you miss out on all that fabulous wax.  So…. there’s a new candle care fact to add to your ever-expanding candle care knowledge!

Step Three: Keep it clean

This candle care step is one that most candle users ignore, however, can contribute to a longer lasting, fresh fragrance. By trimming your wick before every light, you’re already halfway there to keeping a clean candle and jar by avoiding smoking and sooting. Try to avoid any debris entering your wax pool by using a folded-up tissue to catch the burnt wick, stopping it from snapping and dropping into the wax pool.

Please do not throw discarded match sticks or lighting material inside your candle as this can create a fire hazard and can often create an unpleasant smell, yuck. Dust and debris that’s fallen into the wax can also cause a darker, mucky looking wax pool, so lets keep it looking lovely and clean.

Step Four: Repurpose

Oh hello new liquor tumbler, plant pot or stationary holder! Yes, we are still talking about our candles but what happens to the leftover jar once it’s gone? We would love to see how you reuse your products – tag us on social media with your repurposing projects @theenglishsoapcompany

One way to give your empty candle jar a new lease of life is to remove any leftover wax first. Place your candle jar on a protective surface like a dish towel and boil enough water to fill, leaving an inch of space at the top.

The water will melt the candle wax, causing it to float to the surface of the jar. Let cool completely before removing the wax. With your sink drain stopped, strain the water and remaining candle bits and give it a little scrub with warm soapy water to remove any final bits and voi la!

Check out the new look!

Our natural soy wax candles have a brand new look! Made from soybeans, our candles are sustainable and non-toxic, better for you and the environment. Please follow the candle care steps in this blog to make the most of your beautifully fragranced candle.

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