Meet the Team: Part One

Throughout the years our team here at The English Soap Company has grown dramatically. What we achieve daily would not be possible without the wonderful people that reside in each department, so let’s shine the spotlight on the people that make us who we are.

Creative Department

Meet: Billie

Job Role: E-commerce and Marketing Coordinator

Hobbies: Wild swimming, sewing projects, natural dyes, going out dancing, drinking wine and eating cheese with the girls.

Last book I read: Three Woman – Lisa Taddeo.

Coolest thing you are working on right now?: Website overhaul – whoop!

Favourite product and why: Loveeeee my Bergamot and Ginger Hand Sanitiser – goes everywhere with me! Perfect for keeping in the car after filling up at the petrol station. Also useful after using self-check outs at shops etc.  Amazing product to keep in your bag too!

Top ESC product tip: The soap wraps here are just too lovely to throw away, so I fold mine up to use as a bookmark. Keeps the pages smelling divine.

Best thing about where I work: Everyone at The English Soap Company loves their job and it’s a real pleasure to work amongst a team that is so engaged and full of ideas and creativity. LOVE IT!

Procurement Department

Meet: James

Job Role: Procurement & Logistics

Hobbies: Walking, cycling, being outdoors, country pubs, old cars/motorbikes.

Last book I read: The Thursday Murder Club – Richard Osman.

Coolest thing you are working on right now?: Currently sourcing a new sustainable plastic bottle but that’s all I can say as it’s top secret!

Favourite product and why: Kew Bergamot & Ginger soap. I prefer soap to shower gel, it smells lovely and the 240g bar lasts a very long time!

Top ESC product tip: I use my used candle jar as a pen pot!

Best thing about where I work: Our site is surrounded by fields and trees, it’s beautiful regardless of the season.

Sales Department

Meet: Jo

Job Role: Office & Sales Manager

Hobbies: Going to the cinema with my 11-year-old son, as we’re both into Marvel and Sci Fi – also spending time with family and friends.

Last book I read: This would have to be one of my son’s when I used to read to him – much more of a TV fan.

Coolest thing you are working on right now?: Working on the new Trade Website and processing my German pallets for onward dispatch.

Favourite product and why: It must be our new Christmas Character Boxes – so perfect for a lovely present.

Top ESC product tip: I use our soaps to fragrance my clothing drawers.

Best thing about where I work:  The people here are fantastic and we all work hard to give the best customer service to all our customers, both here, at home and further afield.

HR Department

Meet:  Susannah

Job Role: Chief of Staff

Hobbies: Running, Cycling, Christmas, being with my best friends, drinking Porn Star Martinis and Country Music.

Last book I read: Finding Alice – Melody Carlson.

Coolest thing you are working on right now?: Appraisals – this gives opportunity to help drive and focus the team to look at how we can continue to help their development both professional and personally.   

Favourite product and why:  Bergamot and Ginger Soap – I came for my interview and Oliver (The MD) gave me the soap and I smelt it and fell in love – I then wanted the job at The English Soap Company, it will always make me think of my interview and how lovely it is to work here. 

Top ESC product tip: Once our candles have burnt, I clean the glass jars out and use them as whiskey tumblers. They work really well!

If you would like to browse any of the products mentioned by our team, you can find them here:

Bergamot & Ginger Hand Sanitiser from the Kew Gardens Collection

Bergamot & Ginger Soap from the Kew Gardens Collection

Christmas Character Boxes from the Christmas Collection

Stay tuned for more meet the team posts!

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