Coronation Celebrations: The Great British Tea Party

Across Great Britain, the public rejoice as another bank holiday is announced to commemorate King Charles III Coronation. What better month than a date in May when daffodils are in full bloom, the lighter evenings are in full swing and we celebrate not one, not two but THREE bank holidays across the month.  

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we welcome two new soaps to our ever-growing Occasion’s Collection. Firmly named Great British Soap, these two luxurious, vegan friendly soap bars celebrate the nuances of British culture. The things that make Britain great, the landmarks and tokens you see and think yep, that’s British.  

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To quote Hugh Grant in the ever-popular Love Actually. “We are a Country of Shakespeare, Churchill, The Beatles, Sean Connery, Harry Potter, David Beckham’s right foot, David Beckham’s left foot, come to that.” And therefore these soaps are a nod to our culture, they are the gift you offer to someone to commemorate the King’s Coronation, they are the soap bar that you give to an international friend that is obsessed with all things British or they are simply a gift to you because who doesn’t love our iconic red telephone boxes, beefeaters and of course a good old cuppa. 

The brightly coloured artwork has been inspired to evoke a need for celebration and therefore we want to take this opportunity to make sure you have everything you need for a quintessentially British tea party for you and your family to enjoy.   

Let’s start with some refreshments; our favourites are a delectable cup of English Breakfast or Earl Grey tea. Whichever you choose, fine china is a must. Nothing feels quite as decadent as when you pick up a cup and saucer to sip on your beautiful brew. Of course, if you want to turn things up a notch (it is a bank holiday after all) why not crack open a bottle of fizz. To be enjoyed with a splash of orange juice, or partnered with a juicy strawberry that sits perfectly on the rim of the glass.  

Moving onto the main event… the food! With traditional English Cream Tea originating back to the 11th Century, we haven’t steered away from the food that was served those many moons ago. With its origins born in the South-West of England, Tavistock Abbey took a hit from the Vikings in 997AD and therefore the monks that carried out the reconstruction of the building were rewarded with bread, jam and clotted cream.  

Whilst cream teas are now typically served with finger sandwiches inclusive of the perfectly palatable cucumber and cream cheese, or egg and cress. The humble scone has remained a staple for years. Of course, the question forever remains which to put on your scone first; the jam or clotted cream but we’ll let you battle that out amongst yourselves.  

Other delights that take centre stage during this magnificent celebration to name but a few, include the marvellously classic Victoria Sponge with jam and cream (we spot a theme here), topped with fruit of your choice. Our favourite recipe comes from one of Britain’s most beloved cake bakers Mary Berry. Victoria Sponge recipe this way…  

Other sweet treats include, bite-sized macarons, cupcakes, fondant fancies and Bakewell tarts. If your guests have more of a savoury palette, we highly encourage sausage rolls, smoked salmon and cream cheese bellinis and not forgetting scones can be savoury too. Here’s our favourite cheese scone recipe to impress your guests. 

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Last but most importantly not least, the location for where your cream tea is held is entirely up to you, but we propose a beautiful table setting laid out with all your best crockery, including cake stands to allow your guests to marvel at all your baked goods.  

Be inspired by our picture-perfect British Tea Party where our soaps take centre stage as name holders for our expected guests. With two of our most popular fragrances to choose from, they truly are a gift for everyone to take home along with copious amounts of leftover scones and cake.  

Whichever way you’re spending the bank holidays, we hope you get a moment to sit back and relax with a slice of cake and a wonderful cup of tea.  

Explore our new whimsical packaging that pays homage to our nation’s traditions. Please see our Great British Soaps here.

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