Tea Tree Benefits

Tea Tree products are being sought after more than ever before… and why we hear you ask? Well, because of their endless list of benefits. Endless might be a bit of a stretch but we’re here to tell you all the wonderful ways tea tree products can benefit you and your skin.  

Better yet, our Take Care Collection has grown with the inclusion of more tea tree products so therefore there is nothing stopping you providing your skin with all the tea tree benefits and goodness it deserves.  

We must caveat whilst research suggests tea tree oil provides you with a whole host of benefits, we cannot make any medical claims. What we can do however, is provide you with a nice easy, digestible read to identify if these products are the one for you. Coined as the ‘super power’ within the world of essential oils, tea tree is favoured due to being exceptionally versatile and therefore used in a variety of skincare products. Based on this, developing a tea tree range that supports you and your skin was a no-brainer. 

Did you know, our Take Care Tea Tree Collection contains 2% of high quality, aromatherapy grade Australian tea tree oil! Not only does this help your skin feel moisturised, soft and well healed, it also helps aid other skin woes that can make you feel a bit rubbish. What’s more, we are proud to work with O&3 The Oil Family in sourcing our Tea Tree Oil. Working with these guys means we are helping to support a project in New South Wales that aids in the restoration of a koala habitat. So not only are you helping your skin, you’re also giving a helping hand to the Koala’s!!  

Included within the collection is our 190g hard soap bar, a 300ml liquid hand soap and a 300ml liquid body soap. This makes cleansing super easy due to the versatile nature of the products. That means, whether you’re in the bath or shower, these handy products can be used daily to keep skin conditions at bay.  

So, what are the other tea tree benefits? Well, let us tell you!  

Tea tree oil can help soothe a wide variety of skin problems, including acne, eczema, psoriasis and oily skin issues. It also contains antiseptic properties which are great for reducing inflammation of the skin.  

Our Take Care Tea Tree products can help your skin feel healthy and clean as tea tree oil is known to help eliminate certain bacteria, viruses and fungi. This is due to Tea Tree Oil containing terpinene-4-ol which has been researched to show the increase of activity of white blood cells that combat against germs.  

Tea tree oil was originally used by Aboriginal people in Australia. Since then, it has become a global phenomenon with multiple skincare brands including us using it in a multitude of products. Tea tree oil is made from the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree, which can be found in Queensland, Australia. The trees can be identified from their white fluffy flowers and smooth leaves. It is these leaves that contain the wonderful tea tree oil that we know and love. 

It’s not just humans that benefit from Tea Tree Oil, it can also be used in pet care! Maybe there really are endless benefits after all to this great product.  

Whilst research suggests tea tree oil allows people to self-treat themselves, sometimes it might be necessary to seek further support and advice from a doctor or dermatologist. 

Moreover, if Tea Tree Oil based products are not the one for you, why not check out our entire Take Care Collection here. This collection has been created with your skin in mind, formulated with carefully chosen ingredients to help target specific skin requirements whether that be to aid sensitive skin, dry skin or acne prone skin, we’ve got you.  

Tea Tree Benefits

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