Prepared By Our Packing Team

You arrive at the farm, the sun is rising, the grass is speckled with drops of light from the morning dew, the birds are singing their merry song and the faint sound of uplifting music can be heard. The barn doors are opening, and the packing team are preparing for another busy day processing all your lovely orders.

With calendars, team photos, keepsakes, and positive affirmations dotted about the walls of the barn, our packing department is always bustling with high energy. Almost like the kitchen in your own home, the hub of the house, our packing team thrives here and like a family, they all work together. Each team member plays a vital role in taking care of your orders, whether it’s wrapping, picking, packing, labelling or securing, the utmost care is put into each step your order takes on its way to you.

It is in here you will find a plethora of colours bouncing from the shelves where our eclectic mix of products nestle themselves amongst the shelving. Not to mention the fragrance in the air, you can walk from one end of the barn to the other end and experience a complete fragrance journey. From bursts of enlivening citrus, fragrant florals and punchy fruits to becoming encompassed in warm and woody aromas, every visit here is unique dependent on the orders going out.

In one zone you will find a team assembling our eco-friendly Anniversary Gift Boxes and in another, a soap wrapping team delicately hand wrapping our 100g soap bars into recyclable tissue paper, ready to pop into our travel soap boxes. Soy wax candles being hand labelled and placed in their new recyclable boxes, guest soap hand bags being assembled, vegan soaps being lovingly boxed for shops, swing tags being entwined around bottles and website orders being packed. Like a busy hive of worker bees passionately working away, there’s not one spot in the barn that doesn’t represent the attention to detail and hard work that goes into each element of the process.

At The English Soap Company, sustainability and reducing waste is always at the forefront of our minds and that includes how our products arrive at your home. Our packing team, work out the most efficient waste-saving techniques to keep your orders safe during transit, whilst also bearing the planet in mind.

Every single box that arrives at the barn will get reused in one way or another, whether it’s to rehouse products for storage or to be recycled for new orders, if it’s a solid box it gets reused! Any packaging materials that we receive we reuse to get more life out of them. If you’re conscious about your own footprint then we encourage you to reuse the boxes that you receive our deliveries in too.

What happens to the non-reusable boxes you ask? Well, with our new cardboard shredder taking centre stage, every single shred of card can now go into packing out your orders to keep them nice and snug for delivery. Not too much though, even though the card we use is fully recyclable the team try to be conscious, using only what is needed. We also shred any unusable soap wraps, out of date brochures, papers and any other packaging materials that can be shredded and used again. An added bonus is we give you a burst of colour to before you even get to your goodies!

With the daily influx and variety of lovely orders passing through the barn each day, what makes our packing team truly work is the great people. People from all walks of life working together and creating an environment to be proud of.

If you are like us and have an interest in how to reduce and reuse, and want to find out more then head over to for some helpful tips and tricks.