Meet the Team: Part Two

Welcome back! Let’s delve into part two of our meet the team series.

Throughout the years our team here at The English Soap Company has grown dramatically. What we achieve daily would not be possible without the wonderful people that reside in each department, so let’s shine the spotlight on the people that make us who we are.

Don’t worry if you missed part one. We have a quick link for you here.

Sales Department

Name: Sue

Job Role: Office Administrator

Hobbies (likes): Knitting, Nano blocks (Mini Lego) Cooking & Sewing.

Last book I read: The Bullet that Missed by Richard Osman.

Coolest thing you are working on right now?: Hearing from customers who are happy with their goods and love our products.

Favourite product and why: Kew Lemongrass Hand cream.  I love the citrus scent and it leaves my hands feeling soft but not sticky.

Top ESC product tip: I find that the sanitisers also work well as a room spray.

Best thing about where I work: The people and the scenery.

Packing Department

Name: Georgia

Job Role: Packing Manager

Hobbies (likes): I like to do different makeup looks at silly o’clock at night, and I also like to dye my hair different colours (There is not a colour my hair hasn’t been!).

Last book I read: Of Mice & Men by John Steinbeck (a good few years ago I must admit).

Coolest thing you are working on right now?: I am currently part of planning our brand new warehouse, which is very exciting as it means we have so much more space for activities!

Favourite product and why: Our Mythical and Wonderful Bee 190g Soap because when we were talking about which animals we would like to include, the Bee was my idea and he’s so much cuter than I imagined and smells amazing!

Top ESC product tip: Filling one of our empty Anniversary Hand Wash bottles with fairy lights gives a lovely amber glow due to the colour of the bottle itself. This is good for winter months when we could all do with a little bit of warmth around the house.

Best thing about where I work: The people and the diversity of our team. Everyone is like a family, and we have a lot of laughs while doing our jobs!

Liquids & Creams Department

Name: Beth

Job Role: Liquid Production Supervisor  

Hobbies (likes): Reading, diamond painting, Lego, video games. 

Last book I read: The Midnight Library by Matt Haig.  

Coolest thing you are working on right now? Staff training within the Liquids Department, helping to build up everyone’s skill set.  

Favourite product and why: Bluebell and Jasmine Hand Cream, I love the floral scent and the beautiful design on the packaging.  

Top ESC product tip: Instead of throwing away the lovely soap wraps, I like to keep them to scrapbook with. 

Best thing about where I work: The amazing team and people I work with – they really do make working here fun and everyone is always supportive and friendly.  

Soap Department

Name: Greg

Job Role: Soap Production Manager  

Hobbies (likes): Fishing, gym and I’m a bit of a car enthusiast. So I am always looking to improve them.  

Last book I read: I’m not a big reader, but recently watched The Last Of Us which I highly recommend.  

Coolest thing you are working on right now?: I’m currently working towards getting our second soap line running which means we can double our output.  

Favourite product and why: I like the Patchouli and Cedarwood Candle because it’s my fiancé’s favourite and it reminds me of her.  

Top ESC product tip: When candle glasses are empty you can use them as plant pots.  

Best thing about where I work: It’s nice to work so closely with the owner and director on different projects.  

If you would like to browse any of the products mentioned by our team, you can find them here:

Lemongrass and Lime Hand Cream from the Kew Gardens Collection

Bee 190g Soap Bar from the Wonderful Animals Collection

Blue and Jasmine Hand Cream from the Kew Gardens Collection

Patchouli and Cedarwood Candle from the Signature Candle Collection

We hope you enjoyed our Meet the Team – Part Two blog and stay tuned for the next part of the series!

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