Zero Waste Soap Saver Pouch

In case you’re unfamiliar with The English Soap Company, we have been manufacturing soap for over 20 years. Throughout that time, we have brought you hundreds of different soaps in a multitude of shapes, sizes and wonderful fragrances, you name it, we’ve made it. But now we have something new and exciting to share with you, that aims to elevate your beloved and humble soap bar to new lathering heights. Providing you with the same luxury of washing and cleansing with your favourite bar but turning things up a notch. Introducing the very handy, very sustainable and very brilliant Zero Waste Soap Saver Pouch.

But what is it? We are here to provide you with all the info you need on our new product release, whilst also providing you with 8 useful tips for how your brand new Zero Waste Soap Saver Pouch can be used. 

Made from mixed cotton and linen, this pouch really is triumphant at providing you with a zero-waste option, reducing your plastic bathroom waste and using up every slither of luxurious soap. A more sustainable way to wash, that your skin (and the planet) will definitely thank you for.  

  1. From sink to shower  

Created with shower enthusiasts in mind, the soap saver pouch provides a new way to wash. Whether that be in the shower or bath, this pouch creates a generous lather thanks to its natural materials and construction. Wave goodbye to your bottle of shower gel and luffa and say hello to your favourite soap bar and Soap Saver Pouch.   

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  1. Handy little drawstring  

Not only is the Soap Saver Pouch revolutionising the way you wash due to its exfoliating tendencies, but it can also remain pride of place in your shower, thanks to its handy little drawstring that can loop onto your shower caddy (what a space saver!). Better yet, the drawstring can also loop around your wrist, so whilst you wash you don’t run the risk of dropping your soap bar.  

  1. Exfoliating qualities  

Due to the natural materials and texture, it’s made from, the Soap Saver Pouch can scrub away dead skin cells and dry skin, meaning you can come out of the shower or bath feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. Here we recommend adding our Kew Gardens Body Oil to your getting ready routine to enhance that post shower glow.  

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  1. From shower to sink  

It goes without saying it improves your shower and bath experience but why can’t the same be said for the sink. Wash away the dirt of the day with the pouch on your sink basin. Whether you’ve been tending to the garden and need to get into those stubborn areas of your hands or perhaps you need to remove the residue of fake tan, simply scrub away with the help of your new Soap Saver Pouch.  

  1. The perfect holiday accessory  

Heading off to a hot holiday destination this summer? Need help exfoliating after a long day on a gorgeous sandy beach? Then look no further. Popping one of these in your suitcase is an absolute game changer. And whilst you’re at it, we recommend adding one of your Travel Soaps to your toiletry bag. Upgrade your showering experience with one of our fun and fruity fragrances. Bonus is that don’t need to take multiple bottles with you, creating more space for that extra pair of shoes! 

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  1. Zero waste 

We truly do mean it when we say Zero Waste. These Soap Saver Pouches not only fit our 190g and 240g bars of soap they are also a great way to utilise every last slither of soap. We can all agree, throwing away the little bits and bobs of your beloved soap bar doesn’t feel good, particularly when you’ve bought a soap bar to try and be more sustainable. Therefore, these pouches provide you with a great way to use up every little piece. 

  1. Sustainable washing  

In case it wasn’t obvious already, these pouches do really pave the way for you having the most sustainable washing experience ever. Not only are they made from cotton and linen, but the pouches are also cruelty and plastic free. And whilst we’ve said it before, we’ll say it again these pouches really do use every last scrap of soap.  

  1. Long term use  

Our handy little Soap Saver Pouches will stand the test of time, as long as they’re looked after properly. It is advised after each use to allow your pouch to fully dry by removing your bar of soap, giving the Soap Saver Pouch a rinse and hanging it up away from moisture ready for next time. 

And there you have it! 8 reasons why this Zero Waste Soap Saver Pouch is a must-have shower and bath accessory! Incorporate yours into your daily pamper routine, shop here.  

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