Behind the Scenes: A Journey Through the Offices

Sounds fun right? Okay I know when you think of an office you may picture rows and rows of desks in a beige room with a friendly office plant named John that everyone forgets to water, but that’s not us! (okay we may forget to water the plants sometimes, but they’re still doing well.)

From Farm to Office

Let’s begin by us taking you on a walk through the farm gates and into our offices. Firstly that is correct, I said farm, where we make our lovely soaps and toiletries in Waldron, East Sussex. Here, you will find our offices and barns located amongst rolling landscapes full of wildlife and vegetation. The farmers grow crops which we have the pleasure of gazing at through our windows, along with the daily duck parade, buzzard dance and deer escapade.

Crafting Quality Products: Our On-Site Production Facilities

A whole load of magic happens on our farm site, it’s where we make things happen. All of our soap, hand and body wash, candles and creams are produced here. Our laboratories, production rooms, warehouses, packing barns and our lovely offices are all here. So we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight that we really do make everything on site and would like to give you a little behind the scenes insight.

Now, depending on the time of year really does depend on how luscious and green the farm is, but beauty is always guaranteed throughout the changing seasons. As you take your first steps up the gravel slope through the farms gates, you will already notice trees and grass and flora but also people. Our teams start early, and the hustle of footsteps in and out of the barns is already rife, even before us office workers have taken our first sips of morning coffee.

As you walk past the barns you will notice the farmers house and his greenhouse. Next to this is an allotment where lies a little brown crate of fresh veg for us to pick from (we are spoilt.) Large fir trees echo the sounds of bird call as you take the next steps towards a sea of pheasants scurrying around the crop field. Ducks waddling up from the pond and resting under the oak tree outside the office, where bird feeders hang and an abundance of magnificent birds feast. Yes, I know… Can you believe this is the gorgeous place where our products come to life and how soap is made.

The Sales Department: Providing Personalised Care and Information

As you enter the doors to our offices you will discover our Sales Department. In an age where answering the phone has become somewhat of an inconvenience and messaging, the easier option. This team embrace your lovely calls whenever the phone rings to provide you with every little bit of information you need. Whether it’s to place an order, enquire about a product, provide us with feedback or with questions to answer, our team know the score. Brimming with knowledge this super team are like our very own English Soap Company information hub. It is so important to us to maintain that human relationship in a world of technology, providing you with the same amount of care as we put into our products.

Head through the double doors of the sales office and you with see our MDs office, filled with plants and definitely the brightest of the rooms. This is where a lot of the serious work happens, the business stuff, the communication, the branching out and the decision making, so we will majestically skim past this office without causing too much distraction and move swiftly onto our photography room and product display area.

The photography room is pretty much an extension of the design and marketing offices. All of our products are designed and developed here, from initial concept, sampling, to appearing on the shelves in shops or arriving at your home. Imagination and creativity is bursting at the seams in this department, with ideas bouncing around like a pin ball machine and lighting up the room. What makes our packaging truly unique is that this department illustrates and designs in house, creating all the unique and heartfelt artwork you see on some of our beloved collections. Like our travel soaps or our Wonderful Animal Collection.

Our website, the very place you are reading this blog was born here. Our social media channels and how we share our world and our products with you, customer communication, problem solving, incredible product photography and all things creative resides here and the team works like the cogs in a finely tuned clock.

As you head out of the photography room and down a small hallway you will find our HR and Chief of Staff offices which conveniently sit opposite our office kitchen. Most will say this is a marvellous place filled with all the treats you know you shouldn’t have but still do. (We need the energy right!)

Mental health and wellbeing are very important here at The English Soap Company and our HR department ensure that everyone has an opportunity to be heard and to feel supported.

A Wonderful Workplace: The People Who Make Our Company Special

All in all The English Soap Company offices are a wonderful place to work, not just because of the beautiful surroundings but also the beautiful people that make each department tick and make our company so special to be a part of. We are still growing and super excited to share more products, new inventions, more stories and more happiness with you in the future.

We hope this blog offers a deeper dive into how soap is made and the different departments that contribute throughout the process, whether that be starting from product development, or right through to your lovely soaps being packed and dispatched to their new homes.

If you are like us and adore the Sussex countryside then check out our Anniversary Collection! Inspired by our farm site surroundings, the product packaging is adorned with decorative motifs influenced by wildlife and flora. Check out our Pinterest board ‘Inspired by the Sussex Countryside’ to see more.

Thank you for reading our latest blog ‘Exploring the Inner Workings: Behind the Scenes at The English Soap Company’. To find out more about the people behind the brand and for more behind the scenes enlightenment, check out our Meet the Team blog posts here.