Meet the Team: Part Four

It’s that time again! Are you ready to meet more of our wonderful team?

Throughout the years our team here at The English Soap Company has grown dramatically. What we achieve daily would not be possible without the talented people that reside in each department, so let’s shine the spotlight on the people that make us who we are.

Sales Department

Name: Heather

Job Role: Sales Administrator/ Customer Services

Hobbies (likes): Live music, theatre, cinema, spending time with my friends, walking my dog Poppy.

Last book I read: Not really a book but the last thing I read was Vogue Magazine.

Coolest thing you are working on right now?: It has to be the Barbie Collection. We have been so excited for this to launch so to now see orders flying in is very exciting.

Favourite product and why: I love our Angel Scented Candle and use it all year round. My house is open plan and whenever I burn this candle, the whole house is filled with its lovely fragrance.

Top ESC product tip: I use my candle jars for all sorts of things – storing paperclips, drawing pins, buttons etc.

Best thing about where I work: I work in an amazing setting surrounded by beautiful countryside, but I have to say the best thing about where I work are the people I work with – they really are lovely and make me laugh and smile every day.

Finance Department

Name: Kerry

Job Role: Finance Manager

Hobbies (likes): Renovating my home and garden, country pubs, walking my two whippets, and having fun with my friends and family.

Last book I read: Where the Crawdads sing by Delia Owens.

Coolest thing you are working on right now?: Outside of work, landscaping and redoing my outside patio area and garden which will include an outdoor bath!  Within work we are moving over to a new finance system where we will streamline and automate processes, with a positive impact on reducing paper usage.

Favourite product and why: Kew Gardens Mango Hand Wash.  It smells amazing and an extra bonus, it encourages my children to keep their hands clean.

Top ESC product tip: Using soap wraps as fragranced bookmarks.

Best thing about where I work: I have two, the people and the amazing scenery.

Distribution Department

Name: Charlie

Job Role: Distribution Leader

Hobbies (likes): I have 31 Giant African Land Snails! I love my snails, and decorating their vivarium is very satisfying. It’s like a small natural microcosm in my bedroom! I also enjoy sudokus, playing card games and my Nintendo Switch (I’ve never lost a game of Mario Kart)!

Last book I read: The Caller by Chris Carter. I love his books, incredibly hard to put down if you like the genre!

Coolest thing you are working on right now?: Definitely all of the pallets I do for our distributors, I just finished 18 pallets for our new Italian distributor!

Favourite product and why? I have so many! The Kew Gardens Narcissus Lime Soap Bar is amazing, it smells incredible and it lasts so long! It leaves my skin feeling so soft. Another favourite is the Frankincense and Myrrh Candle, it smells lovely when it’s burning and when it isn’t! I also love the Mythical and Wonderful Animals Collection, the Anniversary Collection – I could go on for hours!

Top ESC product tip: Once you’ve used your 3x100g Gift Boxed Hand Soaps, you can reuse the carton as a cute trinket box! They’re beautiful and the perfect size for keeping earrings, rings, necklaces or hairbands! My hair is really long and I always know where my hairbands are!

Best thing about where I work: Definitely the variety of jobs there are to do here! It never gets boring! The atmosphere is lovely too, many of us have probably said it but we are like a family! I can go to anyone about anything and everyone is so supportive and helpful. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else! Also, Susannah the Chief of Staff dresses up for holidays (Easter, Christmas etc.) and she always manages to up her game every time!

Packing Department

Name: Marion

Job Role: Warehouse Operative

Hobbies (likes): All crafts, going to the cinema, the theatre, eating out, walking my dogs, reading and concerts.

Last book I read: Bob Mortimer’s Autobiography.

Coolest thing you are working on right now?:  Working with the team to get the Barbie orders out the door and on the way to our wonderful customers!

Favourite product and why: The Bergamot and Ginger Hand Cream is my favourite. I absolutely love the smell and it keeps my hands wonderfully soft.

Top ESC product tip: The candle jars are great for reusing. Once clean I use them to store make-up pads and cotton buds.

Best thing about where I work: The beautiful setting and everyone welcoming me to the team.

If you would like to browse any of the products mentioned by our team, you can find them here:

Angel Scented Candle from the Christmas Collection

Mango Hand Wash from the Kew Gardens Collection

Narcissus Lime Soap from the Kew Gardens Collection

Bergamot and Ginger Hand Cream from the Kew Gardens

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