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We are proud to announce that we will be exhibiting at Cosmoprof Bologna, in the British Pavilion Block E36-F35 from 18th to 21st March. A great opportunity for us to show off our current ranges, and to be inspired!
We look forward to events like these as it gives us a chance to show people our new ideas, of which we have many!
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Kirsty from Behind The Scent kindly wrote the following post on her website…

The English Soap Company is a lovely brand founded 12 years ago after its owners found vintage soap moulds in a farm machinery workshop in Kent. With vintage design influences, The English Soap Company aims to replicate the magic of the luxurious soaps they remembered from their childhood.

The result is a range of beautiful soaps laden with coconut oil and shea butter, which makes them a lot more moisturising than your average bar. The English Soap Company triple blend and refine their formulation, before infusing their soaps with their exclusive perfumes.

I have a selection of products from their Christmas range, and the first thing that stands out to me is the beautiful traditional packaging. It really is reminiscent of all the best bits from the Christmasses I remember as a child.


The Christmas collection includes two different types of their signature luxury shea butter soaps. The larger boxes contain one huge bath soap, or you can also choose the smaller of the two, which contains three super cute heart soaps which are perfect for gifting as stocking fillers.

I loved the Angel Mini Guest Soaps* (£2.95), which are scented with a beautiful floral and vanilla perfume, with top notes of passionfruit and mandarin. Another of my favourites is the Merry Christmas* scent, which is described as traditionally festive, with winter flowers and Christmas greenery.


Moving on to the candles, which is the most exciting part in my opinion. The English Soap Company uses soy wax for their candles, which is not only better for the environment, but burns so much more evenly too. The soy wax gives a much more clean burn, meaning that the scents can really take centre stage here. You get 40 hours of burn time here, which is brilliant for the price.

I got to try two of the scents, the first being the Reindeer Pure Soy Candle* (£9.95). This is described as being “A clean, cool candle with a perfume infused with the cool crisp scent of a snowy winter landscape”. This shares its scent with the Vintage Toys Large Bath Soap* (£5.95), and is an elegant floral scent that reminds me of spicy scents such as Balenciaga Rosabotanica or the new Jo Malone Cardamom & Mimosa perfume.

Having the same jar design gives the two candles a cohesive look and means they look great as a pair. The second scent is my personal favourite, the Elf Pure Soy Candle* (£9.95). This one is more subtle in scent than the Reindeer candle, and “evokes the spirit of Christmas with the scent of cinnamon and mulled wine”. I would usually associate a scent like this with being strong and spicy, yet this is subtle and sweet. It almost has a hint of rose in the mix, perhaps with a touch of lemon. It is a really interestingly blended scent, and is completely unlike any other candle I own. It also shares its scent with the Winter Village Bath Soap* (£5.95), meaning it makes a great duo for a pamper session.


At such an affordable price point, I cannot praise the quality of the candles from The English Soap Company enough. Their scents are beautiful, they burn really cleanly and do not tunnel, and the design of the jars really remind me of something from a more high end brand like The White Company. I love that the scents are a subtle nod to Christmas, meaning that they smell great in the run-up to the big day, yet come Boxing Day I can still enjoy them instead of having to box them up for another year.

This whole range is perfect for Christmas, with beautiful traditional packaging, which has such a magical feel. I would particularly recommend the mini soaps as they are so affordable and cute. I love that you can pair up a candle and soap in the same scent, and this would make a lovely duo to give to an auntie, mum, grandma. For anyone that usually feels the stress of Christmas, this is the perfect gift for relaxation.

Have you tried The English Soap Company?

Here at The English Soap Company we love getting our products out to as many people as possible who are conscious about quality when choosing soaps. Along with that, we also LOVE to hear feedback from those who have used the soaps that we make. That is why we were thrilled to find out that blogger “My Mummy Reviews” had posted about the products wehad sent her on her popular “mommy” blog.

My Mummy Reviews wrote this blog post about English Soap Company: –

“Look at that beautiful selection of soaps! They were all sent to me by a wonderful website called The English Soap Company.

We ‘virtually’ met on twitter and they said they could send me some samples of their soap to review and when I saw the amazing collection they sent to me I was overwhelmed. It was so kind of them. 🙂 Plus, the fantastic fragrance of this boxful of soaps was divine!

When I saw how many of their pretty soaps I was sent I just knew I had to spread the happiness and share the beautifully wrapped soaps amongst friends and family.  I kept back my favourites ( Vintage Rose soap, Angel Luxury Mini Guest Soaps, Lemon Mandarin and the Clematis & Lime Blossom soap) and then gave my sister the African Mango soap , my friend (who loves gardening) the Gardeners Bath Soap and gave my Mum the Bluebell soap, English Lavender soap and the Briar Rose soap.

vintage rose soap review

Everyone loved their little gifts and it shows how well received these soaps are as presents. They look so expensive and luxurious and yet their price tag is perfectly affordable. The most expensive of these soaps were the boxed luxurious gift soaps (the fancy ones in the box with handles) which were £5.99 each.  I received Briar Rose and Clematis & Lime Blossom from that particular collection. They are 260g triple-milled vegetable soap with rich shea butter and essential oils in them. The boxes that they come in are so lovely. When my Mum opened her Briar Rose soap we both fell in love with the scent….my mum was taken back to her childhood as she says the scents of lots of these soaps and the shape of the bar of the soap were exactly how she remembered from when she was a child. My daughter decided she would keep the gift box that the soap came in as a ‘mini purse’ as it was so pretty. Needless to say, the box didn’t last for very long at the hands of a child but it shows that you can have good taste whether young or old! 🙂

The other soaps I received were from different collections. There were Pure Indulgence Soaps,Vintage Wrapped Soaps and Luxury Guest Soaps. Each soap is made from different types of oil and fragrance etc. You can see the full details on their website. I can’t pick a favourite as they are all so lovely and the fragrances are gorgeous! I even took one of the mini Angel guest soaps with me on my recent holiday to Disneyland Paris.  These luxury mini soaps are my daughters favourite and at only £2.95 for a little gift pack containing 3 x 20g soaps I think they are a good price. I also think the size of the soap is ideal for guests who are staying in your home or for taking on holiday with you , like I did.

lily soap review

I hope you have enjoyed reading my review of the lovely soaps that The English Soap Company so kindly sent to me. I have loved having the opportunity to review for them. The soap is top quality, the packaging is luxurious and the people who make the soaps are lovely and friendly. You can read the story about how their company came to be by clicking here.

We all know that whole bars of soap are fantastic to use in your clothes drawers but my top tip is this….. don’t hide the soap away and never get round to using it. Instead – use the soap as it is so wonderful! and then put the the inner paper, that you find wrapped up around the soap, in your drawers instead. The paper is highly perfumed from being wrapped around the soap so is perfect for fragrancing your clothes. 🙂

heart soap review

The English Soap Company also sell sets of 25 little heart shaped soaps for £4.95 which would be perfect as wedding favours plus they also stock gift boxed Pure Soy Candles in their most popular fragrances. The candles are just £9.95 each.

You can order all of the products I have mentioned today by popping over to www.theenglishsoapcompany.com website and ordering online. If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to get into contact with the team by emailing sales@theenglishsoapcompany.biz or by getting in touch with them via facebook or twitter.

Also if you sign up to their newsletter via this form you will get a whopping 20% off your first order! What are you waiting for?! :)”